Is the Future Upon Us?

The more you read about the latest technology developments, the more it feels like the future is galloping towards us, because of hurried competition amongst tech giants. Last year Google shared with us its desire to revolutionize communication through Google Glass, which that allows you to record images through your own personal POV. While it may seem an appealing future thanks to its well-crafted ads, I wonder how it will affect our lives.

Google believes our human interaction is hindered by technology and that they have a seamless solution for us to stay connected virtually as well as physically. Sergey Brin makes a good point about our failures to communicate because of mobile technology, but I believe that Google Glass will only be eliminating the physical barrier of technology, not our human flaw of being easily distracted. This problem of poor attention span will not be solved thanks to (yet another) device, but on the contrary, it will be intensified and thus make the mission already futile.

If we think about how intense connectivity and ease of access to information affects teenagers in terms of their emotional lives and privacy, Google Glass will serve as another tool for their confusion and sense of being lost. There is a poignantly depressing article in Variety about Facebook, Instagram and teenage dating apps being a hotbed for emotional disease and distress, proving that freedom of speech is becoming very unbalanced. And therefore I do not welcome Google Glass with open arms, but would prefer we learn how to deal with the burden and blessing that our technological advances entail, on an emotional and spiritual level also.

If it feels like the dystopian future of Kathryn Bigelow’s Strange Days is upon us, it will probably look more like this until we get our heads around it:

I’m not denying the advantages of Glass and I do trust that ‘normal’ people’s day-to-day creativity will flourish thanks to this new tool, but until then I’ll be watching apprehensively from the sidelines.


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