Why We Need Curators

If the future of film is a transition towards short(er) film platforms or the feature film becomes obsolete; if audiences and online viewers become growingly selective and thirsty for novelty and originality, short film curators will be the most necessary people around. I’d call them hybrid artists because their nature lies between that of a filmmaker and distributor, with a keen eye for cinematic techniques, a complex vision and, of paramount importance, a connection with the film-going community.


I believe this bubble of short film content will fill to the point of over-saturation and pop when people all the values that cinema used to represent will be lost and audiences will no longer accept to be frustrated by lack of choice. Curators have the power to prevent this by controlling the pressure and distributing films in the right context to the appropriate audiences. However, it is not enough to train film curators to this end, but to educate audiences to be their own curators.

Think about it, all these new mediums and social media platforms are empowering you! They allow you to choose for yourself, broadcast yourself, follow your own news feeds, watch TV shows on demand, and control your informational outlets as opposed to being stuck to a singular manipulative media trust. But while this is excellent for your freedom, the question is, do you know how to curate this experience on your own? After watching a YouTube clip, when given the 10-12 options of related videos, do you know what to choose? Or do you get lost in the complex maze of large data sets?


In this case you will need a navigator; not one to dictate your taste, but to teach you to develop it on your own. You need to be able to curate the content that reaches you by attracting the footage and information that you want to come your way via serendipity. One method of achieving this state is by trusting curators to guide you, but concomitantly to be sceptical of them; understanding their power and choosing carefully whom you allow to be your influencer. It is highly important to learn to choose your own filters for the world you inhabit on- and off-line.

On a universal level, we are all curators, even when we choose our entourage. By choosing one set of people over the other, we create a different experience and possibly timeline of our lives. Our teachers and our governments are curators of what we are educated in, so therefore, don’t we want to know and understand the process through which they decide what is important to know? We can either trust them and follow their lead or doubt it and learn to curate for ourselves. The principles of curation can be applied in all fields of life and what I would advise is that you all start curating. Whether it is the posters in your rooms, the people in your lives or the photos you share on Facebook, make sure they stand for your taste and vision. And don’t hold back if you are not a “certified” artist, because we are all creators.


Austin Kleon’s ideology of remixing creativity


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