Peeking Behind the Silver Curtain

As a film graduate you might expect that the natural path towards the coveted film industry is making your own independent films or attaching yourself to a production company, small internships for big studios or, dare I say it, writing for film blogs.


Stanley Kubrick started out as a documentary photographer

However, I stumbled across a trail that struck me as an obvious choice yet quite a concealed one at that. Having only made student films and organised a few screening nights, I ended up being hired as a programmer for a student film festival, because of my insight into the “market” of student filmmakers. Beyond the enjoyable yet illusionary position of power towards fellow graduates, I constantly had a pronounced sensation that I was peeking behind the curtain; that I could see the process that my films could be going through at other festival headquarters and in other programmers’ hands. Apart from all the technical details and advice that I picked up on by working there, I started to analyse what our work as programmers meant in terms of creativity, an immensely empowering and rewarding type of job I never even knew existed.


The silver screen is magical

To be continued…


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